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    • [GD] Middle East Escalation Invasion

      Middle East Escalation Mod:
      Factions (All have custom playermodels):
      U.S. Special Forces
      U.S. 75th Rangers
      Australian SASR
      Russian Special Forces
      Syrian Government Forces
      Free Syrian Army
      Middle East Insurgents
      Iraqi Army
      Iraqi Golden Division
      Iranian Army
      Iranian Republican Guard Corps

      Updated Vanilla Maps with new lighting and foliage:
      Chora, Kohat, Lashkar, Mutaha, Sumari

      Character Movement and Weapon Changes+

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    • 4 months, 2 weeks ago


    • [GD] SuperFob HQ –

      SquadForts Mod:
      A Super-FOB game mode. The commander on each team will place a radio. Once both radios are placed, the build phase timer is started and player build defenses.

      After the building phase, teams will take turns attacking each others Super-FOBs. The fastest FOB take down wins. If neither teams radio is destroyed within the time limits, whichever team built more wins. Radio Bleed-out is disabled in this mode.

      Commander actions are disabled, however teams must select a commander (only commander can place radio) Includes warm-up/pre-game phase that requires 75% players to ready up (F5 key) before game will start.


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