Joint Operations: MOD Squad


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Featuring New layers and a change of game play mechanics with access to all classes and vehicles including Canadian factions and New weapons & game modes.

Squad_JO is a Game play modification of Squad, based on the classic game Joint Operations from 2004 – “western democratic” coalition forces versus “rebellious anti-western” allies.

It retains Squads’ organization & communications but removes much of the structured role-playing elements required by players, allowing for a more accessible playing style that highlights ‘playing the objective’.

With headshots and knife attacks killing outright and no rally points, this makes for a more deadly game that puts a greater value of life on the player and encourages smarter play, with plenty of room for tactical styles that don’t rely on the ‘FOB-crafting’ meta.

The Mod includes Multi-faction teams, modified Game modes for AAS, PAAS & TKOTH, and numerous new assets. It also includes numerous game play layers for a bunch of Squad-vanilla maps as well as two classic Joint Operations maps; Black Rock Beach and Dormant Volcano Isle.

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Server Name: [GD] Joint Operations: –