Joint Operations: MOD Squad


Server Name: [GD] Joint Operations: CTF TDM –

Featuring New layers and a change of game play mechanics with access to all classes and vehicles including Canadian factions and New weapons & game modes.

Squad_JO is a Gameplay modification of Squad, based on the classic game Joint Operations from 2004 – “western democratic” coalition forces versus “rebellious anti-western” allies.

It retains Squads’ organization & communications but removes much of the structured role-playing elements required by players, allowing for a more accessible playing style that highlights ‘playing the objective’.

With headshots and knife attacks killing outright and no rally points, this makes for a more deadly game that puts a greater value of life on the player and encourages smarter play, with plenty of room for tactical styles that don’t rely on the ‘FOB-crafting’ meta.

The Mod includes Multi-faction teams, modified Gamemodes for AAS, PAAS & TKOTH, and numerous new assets. It also includes numerous gameplay layers for a bunch of Squad-vanilla maps as well as two classic Joint Operations maps; Black Rock Beach and Dormant Volcano Isle.

The mod is now in its final stages of completion of all the basic changes to gameplay and visual elements. The mod will be updated to v1.0 very soon but is totally playable as it stands and is cooked for Windows and Linux servers. Future additions will be the CAF and Aussie factions when they are available within the SDK.

You will need a copy of Squad to play
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Server Name: [GD] Joint Operations: CTF TDM –