1. Round will go Live at 20v20.
2. Fight over the active or central flag.
3. Do not use vehicles (Logis are okay to use) or emplaced weapons until Live.
4. Do not attack and/or destroy FOBs/HABs until Live.
5. Don’t use Mortars until Live.
6. Map may change to different game-mode, to aid in seeding.
7. AFK seeding is allowed.
GD admins may set the map and fight area, and may call live before 20v20

Please follow the Global Defence Server Rules. [GD] has them in place for many reasons and it’s designed to give a more balanced experience, for every match; if all possible.(edited)
Global Defence rules 2.5
1. Please, do not intentionally Teamkill! If you do, make sure to apologize in ‘all-chat’
2. Ghosting or Stream-Sniping can result in prolonged (1-7 days) ban.
3. Please, do not spam, troll, grief, or sabotage your own team and do not spam rude things in any chat/voice channel, to spread toxic stupidity.
4. Falsely impersonating [GD] or Admins will not be tolerated and can result in a prolonged (1-7 days) ban.
5. Vehicles that require ‘crewman’ kit need to be operated by two people… Unless Parked next to a Repair Station or a defencive objective
6. WORKING! Mic is required, for all Squader Leaders and has to be able to communicate English, if need be.
7. Do not advertise other* servers, organizations, or clans* on the [GD] server…
8. Please, don’t Camp enemy’s main base 300 meter limit from enemy main base
9. Please, do not use hacks, cheats, exploits, glitches, or any other abusable game features that give players unfair advantages… Will result in a prolonged (1-7 days) ban
10. Do not destroy friendly fobs, emplacements or damage friendly vehicles unless to do so explicitly asked by an SL.
11. Use a username that people can read and say, and do not use an impolite username.
12. Do not leave undamaged armoured vehicles on the map.
13. Do not ram other Helicopters!!!
14. If you have any complaints about the server or the admins, contact us on our Discord page.
15. Do not stay unassigned for over 2 minutes.
16. Focus and occupy fighting for the Flag Cap Objectives**
17. The heli, scout car, mrap, spandrel can be operated by one person.
18. Squeakers and younger players need to have a voice modifer, to help with emersion.
19. Vehicle drivers need to try and use map when driving.