🏰[GD] Middle East Escalation Invasion🏰 
1. Squads should be actively playing on or for the objective if you are not you will be demoted or removed.
2. Please DON'T intentionally Team kill! If you do, make sure to apologise in all-chat.(Server will auto-ban and we will not remove it after multiple instances we may even keep it perm after the first instance depending on our logs).
3. Ghosting or helping the other team this includes grid locations and destroying friendly radios this is a PERM ban.
4. Please do not Troll/Grief your team or fill the chat with unnecessary talks use localvoice (V).
5. Do not impersonate the clan or Admins this is not tolerated and can result in a PERM ban.
6. Vehicles that require Crewman kit need to be operated by two people. ( Unless Parked next to a Repair Station or a defence objective.)
7. A Mic is required, for all members and has to be able to comunicate basic English, if need be.
8. Do not  advertise other servers or clans this can result in a PERM ban.
8. Do not leave vehicles unattended on the field if you do it is your responsibility to recover/destroy it.
9. Destroying any deployable friendly assets (Includes all place able defences.(Do not place IEDS Next To Radios Will Result In Ban.)
10. No Units Around OP Main 300 meter limit from enemy main base please reference with a Yellow FOB Marker
11. Squad Leaders are required to communicate with there squad in basic English and assign fire teams and communicate with the other Squad Leaders if need be.
✅P.S - Squad Leaders we encourage you to play the objectives & give out fire teams always. (MAX 2 Fire Team Leaders Per Squad)
✅Report problems by ticket or using !admin 'Problem player reason' in squad chat. (Admins are watching logs enjoy ッ)
🏰[GD] Where The Real Invasion Is ™
✅ッ Admins are watching logs enjoy.✅

❌ 1. Round will go Live at 20v20.
❌2. Don't Intentional Teamkill Or Grief Your Team.
✅ッ Admins are watching logs enjoy.✅
AFK Seeding Is Allowed.✅