βœ“ Game Play Rules βœ“ 
❌ 1. Please, DO NOT intentionally Team kill! If you do, make sure to apologize in all-chat.(Server will autoban)
❌2. Ghosting or helping the other team this includes grid locations and destroying friendly radios this is a perma ban.
❌3. Please do not broadcast loud audio Troll or Grief your team.
❌4. Falsely impersonatingthe clan or Admins is not tolerated and can result in a prolonged (1-7 days) ban.
❌5. Vehicles that require Crewman kit need to be operated by two people. (βœ… Unless Parked next to a Repair Station or a defence objective.)
❌6. A Mic is required, for all members and has to be able to communicate English, if need be.
❌7. Don't advertise other servers or clans this can result in a ban.
❌8. No Units Around OP Main 300 meter limit from enemy main base please reference with a Yellow FOB Marker.
❌8. Destroying deployable friendly assets (Includes all placeable defences.)
βœ…γƒƒ Admins are watching logs enjoy.βœ…

1. Round will go Live at 20v20.
2. Fight over the active or central flag.
3. Do not use vehicles (Logis are okay to use) or emplaced weapons until Live.
4. Do not attack and/or destroy FOBs/HABs until Live.
5. Don’t use Mortars until Live.
6. Map may change to different game-mode, to aid in seeding.
7. AFK seeding is allowed.
GD admins may set the map and fight area, and may call live before 20v20