✓ Game Play Rules Over 20v20 @ [GD] 24/7 SQUADZ [ZOMBIES] -

❌ 1. Please, DO NOT intentionally Team kill! If you do, make sure to apologize in all-chat.(Server will autoban) If you do this to gain access to a vehicle you will be banned.
❌2. Ghosting or helping the other team this includes grid locations and destroying friendly radios this is a ban.
❌3. Please do not Troll/Grief your team.
❌4. Falsely impersonating the clan or Admins is not tolerated and can result in a prolonged (1-7 days) ban.
❌5. Vehicles that require Crewman kit need to be operated by two people. (✅ Unless Parked next to a Repair Station or a defence objective.)
❌6. A Mic is required, for all members and has to be able to communicate basic English, if need be.
❌7. Don't advertise other servers or clans this can result in a ban perm.
❌8. DO NOT SPAM / Hot Mic Voice At End Game(Score Board)This Can Cause Problems On The Server You Will Be Banned.
❌9. Destroying deployable friendly assets (Includes all place able defences.)
✅ッ Admins are watching logs enjoy.✅


❌ 1. Round will go Live at 20v20.
❌2. Humans Can Only Build: Ammo Crates + No Revive Until Over 20 Players..
✅ッ Admins are watching logs enjoy.✅
AFK Seeding Is Allowed.✅